The Gift of Photography and Learning Your Skills Featuring Scott Bourne and Amelia Lyon

Photography is a fantastic hobby that anyone can get into and at any time really.  As long as you can tackle an awesome digital camera (an incredibly fun toy, seriously), you got it down.

To get the right eye for certain frames, all it takes is practice.  If you’re not impressed with your first “roll,” just keep getting back out there to try it again.  That’s what’s so great about digital cameras, you waste no film and have unlimited tries.  Plus, technology has advanced so far that today and you don’t have to pay much for a nicer camera that can capture most of the things you want it to.

Finding some inspiration is a great way to start understanding what you’re into and what kind of shots you want to take.  By looking through the work of your favorite photographers, you might realize you enjoy vibrant colors, interesting textures, great depth, or maybe all three. You might also get a feel for framing your images and the use of space.  These are points to keep in mind, but they are only a fraction of the aspects of photography that you will eventually pick up.

One of my favorites, Scott Bourne, is an award winning photographer that is not only known for his work, but also for teaching others how to improve their own photography.  He even has a page set up with tutorials for how to pump up your photo and utilize computer programs.  He captures really amazing photos of natural settings, especially birds.  He makes it clear what he is shooting and allows the subject to stand out stunningly (like in his photo below).  Read more about his story getting this amazing shot here.

(Click here for Scott’s twitter)

Amelia Lyon is another one of my favorites who does portraits, weddings, engagements, etc.  She works with her space wonderfully, giving her photos a unique twist.  Amelia offers a teaching opportunity as well with a workshop for photographers that are eager to learn more about the art.  A couple of my favorite shots by Amelia are shown here:

(Click here for Amelia’s Twitter).

Finally, if you’re debating on a gift for someone, the hobby of photography can be a great one to give.  A digital camera is always a useful gift and gesture, and can unleash the creativity in someone that didn’t know it was there.  If you know someone that enjoys fine art or someone with a great eye, what better gift than to allow them to exercise their talents?


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