Celebrate the Children

In lieu of Child Abuse Prevention month, I would like to encourage all of you to think about the innocence of a child.  Children should never be a target for stress, anger or neglect. Everyone makes mistakes, especially children because they are learning. And as we all know… we learn from our mistakes. I believe it is important to foster these mistakes in a positive light to help cultivate a positive future for these youngsters.

 Although Child Abuse Prevention month has extremely good intention, I am saddened that this month reminds us of all the hurting children. Therefore, I would like to transform this negative concept to encourage creating positive experiences for children by celebrating the children of the world.

My First Playhouse inspired me by thinking of great ways to spend quality time, foster learning, imagination and creation.

Another great idea is from a blog called Simple Kids. One post: Easy Ways to Excite and Delight Your Children, written by a devoted mother and clearly positive role model. This Post lists 6 great ways to celebrate children including:

  • Giving their room a hotel treatment
  • Bringing something fun to the dinner table
  • Making an I Love You poster
  • Celebrating a crazy holiday
  • Playing a game at breakfast
  • Going all out for story time

These activities are great for quality time and really making children feel special, wanted and loved.

For those of you without kids, there are millions of ways to celebrate the children. I was fortunate to receive the great opportunity to go to Africa and help children. These kids were so grateful to receive small things like beanie babies, toy cars and bubbles. For children, all their worries seem to wash away when they feel wanted, loved and accepted.

www.Coolproducts.com offers thousands of ideas for children. Whether it’s activities, room décor, crafts, playhouses or toys, this website will have what you’re looking for.

Don’t have/know any children? Fear not! This great website offers a “Gift Professor” that allows you to specify people you’re shopping for and will generate thousands of gifts. All you have to do is tell him that they’re children and what they might like. It’s easy, helpful and great for shopping (even if it’s a donation for children).

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