Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: Splurging and Conserving

Everyone is dieting these days, and honestly, that is probably a good thing (since America has become obese!).  However, when you are dieting, you need to splurge every once and a while to reward yourself for being so good.  What better way to splurge than to make some mouth-watering sweets!  I have found some good recipes within good blogs that you may want to check out for some good ideas.  Here are some that I thought looked sinfullly delicious (maybe just because I didn’t eat breakfast this morning haha).

This blog, A Beautiful Mess, has so many fun recipes written by two sisters Elsie and Emma, so I thought I’d highlight a few!

  • First off, Cake Pops are HUGE right now.  I see them everywhere and they are very cute, and most importantly, reasonably sized.  Check out this recipe, to tell you how to make them!  They actually don’t seem too hard to make!
  • Ok, I nearly keeled over and died when I saw this recipe.  Brace yourselves…Cake Batter Milkshakes! Oh yes, it’s true.  I may need to try this too! A Beautiful Mess provides three recipes for three different flavors.
  • If you didn’t know yet, so many people are obsessed with Nutella.  I have tried it in my previous French classes in high school, but since then, I sadly have not had it.  Here is a recipe for Nutella Sandwich Cookies!
For those of you who are so strict with your diets and decide not to splurge, here are some good HEALTHY dessert recipes.  Chocolate-Covered Katie is a blog with some scrumptious dessert recipes that won’t make you feel guilty.
  • I fell in love with the images of this pie, so I’m sure I would die if I ate it! This Chocolate-Strawberry Truffle Pie looks so creamy and delicious. Check out this recipe to make it for yourself!
  • I think I could live off of ice cream and be happy in life forever.  This recipe tempts me to do so: Cake Batter Ice Cream.  I love cake batter ice cream, but making it yourself sounds fun!
  • Last, but not least, Chocolate Chip Blondies. Katie, the author, swears by these and I may just have to try them. Check out this recipe too.
Hopefully these recipes have given you some good ideas for yourself to try and also for gifts for others.  Nothing makes a better gift than the gift of sweet treats!  You can’t lie, who wouldn’t love to receive a batch of cookies over a piddly bookmark?  Check out these blogs and browse our sweet treat gifts as well!
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