Top 5 Fall Activities

Fall is definitely my favorite season. There are so many things about it that I love, for example, apple cider, colder weather, wearing scarves, changing leaves, football, etc. Growing up in Michigan, my school used to take a field trip every year to a nearby cider mill where we learned the process that apples go through to make apple cider. Some of my fondest memories of fall are of those times. There are plenty of great activities to do with your family/kids that can make this autumn a great time for everyone!

1. Leaf obstacle course

This one’s pretty self explanatory. When the leaves fall, get everyone together to rake all the leaves into one big pile, or several different piles all around the yard. Create rules (hurdle over this pile, crawl through this pile… you get it) and have everyone start at the finish line. Divide yourself into teams and the losing team has to clean up all the leaves after the race. Whatever you do, just make it fun.

2. Visit a Cider Mill 

Find a cider mill that is close to where you live. You can search on Google. Cider Mills close to Kansas City include the Louisburg Cider Mill in Louisburg, Ks and Dunn’s Cider Mill in Belton, Mo. Both mills sell other products as well, and Louisburg Cider Mill has a pumpkin patch and Witch’s Corn Maze, make a day trip out of it!

3. Put Some Pumpkin in it! 

Pumpkin flavors seem to be in everything in the fall, from coffee to candles to soups and more. Pumpkin cookies are some of my favorite fall goodies. To check out some other cool fall recipes, check out the Eat, Live, Run blog run by Jenna Weber. Jenna is a writer and trained chef who loves sharing her recipes that focus a lot on local food and tailors her blog around living a healthy lifestyle.

Check out this sweet pumpkin cake pan from the Gift Professor, too!

4. Arts and Crafts with Leaves

There are tons of fun creative art projects you can create with leaves. One of my favorites is a leaf mobile. Go outside with your kids and have them pick out the 5 prettiest leaves they can find and a small branch. Put the leaves in between two sheets of clear contact paper to help preserve the leaves. Punch a hole with a paper hole-puncher and use string to attach the leaves to the branch. Use different lengths of string to make it look like the leaves are actually falling. Keep these art projects and put them up each fall!

5. Bob for Apples

It’s a classic. We all know it and love it. Get a large tub, fill it with water and apples (make sure to wash the apples first, though!) If apples aren’t your thing, another fun alternative is the Donut Game. String donuts at the appropriate height from a string (clothesline, or a string strung in between 2 trees.) Have all contestants keep their hands behind their backs and see who can finish their donut first!

No matter what activities you decide to do this fall, the most important part is to be with family and friends and really embrace the season. For cool fall products, check out and make sure to always consult with the Gift Professor for all of your gift-giving needs for every season!

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